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Whatever your business interests may be, the Utah Manufacturers Association has been the resource organization where industry leaders can come together to solve the relevant issues facing the local manufacturing industry. We advocate for our members and the industry, because we know “what Utah makes, makes Utah.”


The Utah Manufacturers Association provides unmatched access to and information on the key issues affecting your business and your bottom-line. We are on the front lines of a wide range of policy battles, from health care reform and labor relations to energy and the environment to trade policy and taxes. At every turn, we are working on your behalf to advance policies that will help your manufacturing business thrive.

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Manufacturing is one of Utah’s basic industries and creates tremendous value in the economy. Why?—because along with agriculture and mining, it’s the only industry that actually creates new wealth. All other industries create added value from an already existing product or service.

That is why it is important that we educate Utahns on the economic impact that the manufacturing industry has in the state: it makes up nearly 14% of the state’s economy, totaling $14 million of economic activity, and employs more than 125,000 Utahns. Informing the community of these numbers is crucial in maintaining and encouraging a positive business environment, and a key initiative of the UMA. The old saying holds true: "What Utah makes, makes Utah."

We are proud to present our series of "member spotlights" of those companies that provide jobs and economic opportunities by making things in Utah.

Member Spotlight

JulieAnn Caramels

JulieAnn Caramels started making caramels for her husband who traveled the United States. He would do tradeshows trying to get people to his table and everyone loved the caramels. The name JulieAnn is for my two Aunts who had an impact on my life. Julie is a great cook and Nancy Ann is a great cook. They changed my life after my mother's death. JulieAnn Caramels is known for unique gourmet confectionery and is passionate about helping their customers turn every moment into a caramel delight, creating something just a little different.

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Janicki Industries

While Janicki Industries' main business is in the Military and Space/Aerospace markets, the company services a very diverse customer base including; Private Space Exploration, Wind Energy, Mass-Transit / Transportation, Custom Yacht Makers, and even a new offshoot Company, Janicki BioEnergy, where the OmniProcessor is designed and fabricated to solve the world's sanitation and clean drinking water needs. They are passionate about solving the most challenging problems.

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Juniper Systems

Juniper Systems started out as a small company called HarvestMaster which provided data acquisition systems through on-combine seed research. A handheld computer was needed to help control the system and record data. The engineering team decided to develop their own and the concept was a success not only in the agriculture market but many other markets as well. They are passionate about an excellent customer experience to help their customers do the job they need done.

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Advanced Window Products

Advanced Window Products origination dates back to 1986, where their owners realized the need for a local, honest window manufacturer to provide replacement windows to the public. At the time, there were only big-name manufacturers that supplied to contractors for new construction, but it was hard for home owners to obtain a quality product that came complete with installation.

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