Don Rheem Keynote Speaker

Overview: Create Lasting Engagement – Engaged employees are energized by their work and what they can contribute to the team; they love being challenged and making a difference. They are productive, positive, and great ambassadors of your brand – which makes your organization more profitable and successful. To tap into this kind of employee behavior and foster deep, lasting engagement, you need to align the workplace with the brain’s hardwired expectations that allow individuals to perform at their fullest capacity. In this energizing keynote, CEO and author Don Rheem breaks down the science that triggers exemplary workplace behavior at a neurological level, so you can understand how to foster a thriving culture and apply what you’re learning immediately.

Speaker Bio: Don Rheem is CEO of E3 Solutions, a provider of employee workplace metrics which allows organizations to build engaged, high-performance cultures. Rheem focuses on using science-backed research to consult with leaders at all levels within an organization. His passion for delivering truly outstanding improvements in business performance conveys quickly to the CEOs and key executives he works with.

Shawn Newell Industrial Supply

“Diversity, Inclusion and equity- Why these topics are important for business and society” – Track A

Overview: This discussion will include the historical foundations that are the root of many issues of misunderstandings about diversity, equity and inclusion, in our businesses, communities and society.  In our journey we will discuss the benefits and possible pathways to developing inclusive environments and cultures within in our respective industries..

Speaker Bio: Shawn is the VP of Business Development at Industrial Supply Company.  He is the vice president of the Salt Lake Branch of the NAACP, a former Commissioner on the Governor’s MLK, Jr. Human Rights Commission, Utah Non-Profit Association, Utah Manufacturer’s Association Board, former Chair of WEDAB at SLCC, previous Alumni Council President and Trustee, Utah 3rd district Court Committee for Self-Represented Parties, Utah State Board of Education, Utah State Department of Workforce services, Utah System of Higher Education and the Utah State Bar Commission.

Shawn is a graduate of the University of Utah, Salt lake Community College, Masters Degree, Executive Leadership certification, Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell University.

Alexei Dobsky MityLite

“Daily Kaizen and Engagement – Moving Beyond the Tools” – People, Track A

Overview: Over the past 3 years, MityLite employees have implemented more than 30,000 improvements to the way they do their work and the way they live their lives. With an average participation rate of 72% the MityLite Team will show how they created a system to develop and engage their workforce in creating greater value and eliminating waste through Daily Kaizen and shared learning.

Speaker Bio: For the past 15 years Alex has been working in the manufacturing sector in positions ranging from a press operator on the shop floor to an operations executive, to a consultant for businesses around the state of Utah through the Manufacturing
Extension Partnership.

He has worked for companies that have received the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence in addition to companies that
have been voted Best Place to Work in Utah.

His focus and approach are based around the idea of improving lives through the creation of value.

James Hinkle Capstone Nutrition

“The Importance of Cultural Transformation” – People, Track A

Overview: A look back at lessons learned along with systems, tools, and principles utilized to change a company’s culture for the better.

Speaker Bio:  James Hinkle received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Utah State University (USU) in 2007.  Upon graduation James worked for a regional auditing firm where he was able to work with a number of different clients in various industries including manufacturing, banking, not-for-profit, and construction.  From Fall 2008 to Spring 2009, James was able to complete his MBA with USU.  It was during the MBA that James was introduced to LEAN concepts through the Shingo Institute and assisted with their annual conference.  Upon completion of the MBA, James continued his work with the regional auditing firm until he was recruited by Capstone Nutrition in 2010 to help them begin their LEAN journey.  Since then James has advanced rapidly through his career to now be the Plant General Manager.

Summer Jensen Young Living Essential Oils

“Developing Methods and Programs to Support Employees Through a Crisis”, People, Track A

Overview: COVID-19 did nothing short of transform the way employees need support and ways managers can better empower employees. When faced with crisis, it can be difficult to know how to care for your teams.  Young Living developed methods and programs to support employees through crisis while increasing productivity and team engagement. Not only did these pivots help us support employees during a crisis, but it has helped Young Living to think strategically about how we will do business long term.

Speaker Bio: Summer is the Director of Global People at Young Living Essential Oils in Lehi, Utah. In this role, she leads a team of global business partners who support different segments of the business. She and her team are passionate about aligning people initiatives with business objectives. She believes that the most important thing a manager can do is learn how to empower their employees and create opportunities for each employee to grow and succeed. Summer has her MBA and Senior Human Resources Professional certification.


Jared Campbell L3Harris Technologies

“Implementing a New Agile Affordability Process for Driving Extreme Cost Innovation” – Process, Track B

Overview: When faced with an extreme recurring cost challenge some thought was unattainable, the actual outcome was more than a hundred cross-functional cost innovations implemented in a relatively short period of time that resulted in hitting a recurring cost target bullseye. This new agile affordability process has revolutionized the way we look at designing cost sensitive products.

Speaker Bio: Jared Campbell is Director of the Hardware Engineering L3Harris Technologies in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In this role, he leads a team of RF, Antenna, Mechanical, Signal Integrity, Power Supply engineers and Printed Circuit Board designers.  Jared and his staff are committed to continually improving the development process and environment to render the best products possible.  Campbell has an Honors Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah.

Rex Morgan O.C. Tanner

“Right Sized Equipment for Eliminating Batch Processing” – Process, Track B

Speaker Bio: Rex Morgan is the Director of Engineering of the O.C. Tanner Company of Salt Lake City, Utah.  O.C. Tanner is the leading Awards Recognition Company in the world. The O.C. Tanner Company won the Shingo Prize in 1999 and has been driving lean manufacturing ever since.  Rex and his team helped enabled O.C. Tanner to move towards lean cellular manufacturing by using innovative designs to produce right sized equipment and removing process monuments that required products to exit the mfg. cells.  Thru continuous improvement ideas submitted by employees Rex’s team supports employee engagement and cost reductions with the use of 3D printing, cnc milling and other technology methods that keep ideas flowing.

Rex has worked for the following companies;

O.C. Tanner Company – Director of Engineering

Easton Aluminum – Engineering Manager

Rich Automation– Automation Design Engineer

Cannon Structures-Superintendent for Construction

Rex has experience in supporting manufacturing with the development of automated and autonomated equipment.  He has worked with a variety of products and processes including; casting processes, metal stamping, finishing processes, emblem jewelry manufacturing, aluminum tubing and the building of custom automated equipment for the circuit board and other industries.  He is the author of Quantification of Heat Input During Welding and his background includes the welding of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Rex holds a Masters of Business Degree from Utah State University, Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah, Associate Degrees in Welding, Math and Engineering from BYU Idaho formerly Ricks College.


Ryan Mecham UMA Center for Business and Continuous Improvement

Case Studies “Improving Quality of Customer Orders at Peczuh Printing and Throughput at Harvest Lane Honey” – Process, Track B

Overview: COVID has hurt some companies and helped others. Luckily for Beehive products company Harvest Lane Honey, COVID created an explosion in sales. They knew they couldn’t keep up with demand using the same processes they had used before. Learn how Ryan Mecham at UMA helped Harvest Lane double their throughput and keep up with customer demand.

Frank Peczuh has big plans for his printing company. He want’s to be #1 in Utah, then take over the world. But order inaccuracies were preventing them from performing their best. Learn how Cedro and Ryan from UMA helped Peczuh improve their accuracy from 65% to 99%.

Speaker Bio: As the COO of Power Blanket Ryan received the Manufacturer of the Year Award Utah and became a finalist for the Manufacturing Excellence Award from the Association of Manufacturing Excellence. Ryan has helped numerous companies increase profitability by training and implementing Lean management systems and creating a culture of Continuous Improvement.

Cedro Toro UMA Center for Business and Continuous Improvement

Case Studies “Improving Quality of Customer Orders at Peczuh Printing and Throughput at Harvest Lane Honey” – Process, Track B

Overview: COVID has hurt some companies and helped others. Luckily for Beehive products company Harvest Lane Honey, COVID created an explosion in sales. They knew they couldn’t keep up with demand using the same processes they had used before. Learn how Ryan Mecham at UMA helped Harvest Lane double their throughput and keep up with customer demand.

Frank Peczuh has big plans for his printing company. He want’s to be #1 in Utah, then take over the world. But order inaccuracies were preventing them from performing their best. Learn how Cedro and Ryan from UMA helped Peczuh improve their accuracy from 65% to 99%.

Speaker Bio: Cedro is a certified Master Black Belt, Project Management Professional and Lean Coach with a passion for helping companies create a culture of continuous improvement. He has helped Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Tesla, Micron and Consumer Reports as well as small local businesses create effective strategies and achieve ambitious goals. Cedro holds an MBA from Idaho State University and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah.

April Galvin Chevron

“Promoting Employee Development & Engagement” – Performance, Track C

Overview: Employee development and engagement continue to be a focus area for our businesses.  Strong employee engagement and development programs can enhance employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity, all of which, in turn, can lead to improved customer satisfaction, organizational reputation, and ultimately shareholder returns.  In this session, we will explore practical ways to promote employee development and engagement in your organization.

Speaker Bio: April Galvin is the HR Manager for Chevron’s Salt Lake City Refinery.  She has worked for Chevron for over 10 years and has held a variety of HR assignments in Chevron’s global businesses and corporate HR departments, including assignments in the US, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan.  April also worked in HR/Financial consulting and served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Armenia.  She holds a BS from the University of Nevada, Reno and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Rob Despain Petersen Inc.

“Business Development: Building & Maintaining Relationships When the World Stops” – Performance, Track C

Speaker Bio: Rob Despain has almost four decades of sales and marketing experience in the fabrication and machining industry. Rob holds a B.S. Degree in Sales, Retailing and Communications from Weber State University.  He also holds an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Sales and Retailing from Weber State University. He is a member of the American Nuclear Society and the Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce.  He has recently served on the State of Utah Economic Development Task Force Committee and was a former President of the Utah Steel Fabricators Association and the Utah Manufacturers Association.  Rob joined Petersen Inc. in 1983 with company responsibilities of sales and marketing.  Under his direction he has taken the company’s annual sales from under $1 million in 1983 to $171 million in 2019.  Petersen Inc. has now sold and produced over $1.5 billion of fabrication & precision machining.  He was instrumental in the SBA Subcontractor of the Year Awards, (of which Petersen Inc. has received 3), as well as the Supplier of the Year Award for The Boeing Company in 2013.  As Vice President of Business Development for Petersen Inc. he oversees all public relations, outside sales, inside sales, marketing, and advertising.

Ruben Mendez Industrial Supply

“Sales Strategy in Uncertain Times” – Performance, Track C

Overview: What should my sales strategy be in uncertain times? Learn how to keep the right balance of customer-facing and business-facing processes as you develop, adjust, or create a new sales strategy for 2021.

Speaker Bio: Ruben Mendez received a bachelor degree in Business Administration in 1999 and an MBA from the University of Utah in 2003.  Early in his career, Ruben developed and executed a business plan for a new sales channel at Industrial Supply.  In 2008 Ruben was promoted to Vice President of Operations and Customer Service.  Ruben earned a certificate in Lean Enterprise and a Six Sigma Black Belt.  In 2016 he became the vice president of Sales and Customer Solutions and in January of 2020, Ruben was promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience.

Natalie Kaddas Kaddas Enterprises

“Improving your brand, from garage to global domination” – Performance, Track C

Overview: How Kaddas Enterprises went from manufacturing in the kitchen to exporting products all over the world

Speaker Bio: Natalie Kaddas is the chief executive officer of Kaddas Enterprises, a second-generation family business. The company specializes in manufacturing thermoform plastic products and cutting-edge, custom solutions for the energy, transportation, and aerospace industries. Kaddas Enterprises has become a champion of protecting the global energy infrastructure against power outages caused by animals with their patented BirdguarD™ designs. Under Ms. Kaddas’ leadership, the company has pursued a global market strategy that has more than tripled revenues and grown net profits annually.

Bryant Vasquez MEP

“Manufacturing Main Cyber Threats and Counter Measurements” – General Business, Track D

Overview: The Manufacturing industry is a hot cyber target for hackers who are using specific malicious vectors to hack systems, networks, and steal data. There is a lot of valuable data and information to steal from the manufacturing industry. By understanding the strategies hackers use and implementing specific security controls you can prevent your business and data from these cyber-attacks.

Speaker Bio: Bryant Vásquez is a cybersecurity consultant for the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP) Center and is the official Cybersecurity representative of the NIST MEP National Network in Utah. His focus is to help manufacturers to respond to cyberthreats, perform cybersecurity gap-analysis by understanding their business processes and educating about best practices. Bryant holds an MSIS from the University of Utah.

Lindsay Jones NowCFO

“Know Your Costs – The Pennies Matter” General Business – Track D

Overview: The discussion will focus on the difference between financial and managerial accounting and how cost accounting can provide management information to improve profitability and operational efficiency.  We will share some real examples based on our experiences with manufacturing companies.

Speaker Bio:

Lindsay Jones, CPA, is a financial executive with experience in de novo companies, mature enterprises and public accounting (auditing and consulting).  He has a proven track record of helping, leading and enhancing executive management teams. He has worked with private equity groups and private investors to identify, analyze and close acquisitions and divestitures of companies.

He has founded two startup companies, owned his own business, created business plans, financial models, presented to investors and regulators; and closed over $500 million in private and public equity and debt financing. He has designed and implemented accounting, manufacturing standard costing and loan servicing systems including insuring proper internal controls, account reconciliations and reports (financial, operational and investors).  He has prepared and presented management and board reporting packages including KPIs and other nonfinancial results.

Toby Eborn Firetoss

“Taking your Business to the next level with E-Commerce” – General Business, Track D

Overview: B2B E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors of online sales.  25% growth each of the last 3 years, with an anticipated $6.6T in sales in 2020.  It will surpass B2C Ecom.  Understanding how to enter and take advantage of this sales channel in a post COVID-19 economy will be crucial to success and growth.

Speaker Bio: Toby Eborn is the SVP of Business Development for Firetoss, a full-service Design, Development and Digital Marketing firm in SLC, UT.  He has a background in Business Analytics and has worked with Firetoss for the last 7 years.  Toby has expertise in B2B E-commerce, marketing Strategy and Execution.  Toby was born and raised on the Idaho side of Bear Lake Valley.  He has 4 children, 2 grandchildren and 1 on the way.

Eric Whitley Leading2Lean

“Managing LEAN from the Cloud” – General Business, Track D

Overview: Managing and sustaining lean initiatives is a problem all organizations face. Manually entered data, handwritten notes, out of date work instructions are all frustrations that come with trying to sustain a Lean production system.  New technology exists in cloud-based solutions that allow for all of this information to be managed, stored, and accessed in the cloud.  In this presentation, Eric Whitley will show how Leading2Lean is bringing all of the tools and techniques of Lean into the current digital environment, and creating sustained results.

Speaker Bio: Eric Whitley has 29 years of experience in and around manufacturing, with 10 of those years being dedicated to consulting. Over the years, Eric has worked with all sectors of industry including Food, Timber, Construction, Chemical and Automotive to name a few.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Eric held the position of Total Productive Maintenance Champion for Autoliv ASP, an automotive safety system supplier that specializes in airbags and restraint systems. In his time with Autoliv, Eric was the driver for the implementation of TPM in all of the USA based plants for Autoliv. The early implementation of TPM at Autoliv led to the development of a world-class maintenance system and was a primary contributing factor to the development of L2L’s Lean Execution System software.

Dr. Anne Pendo SelectHealth

“Protecting the Mental Health of Your Employees” – General Business, Track D

Speaker Bio: Anne Pendo, MD, FACP is the Senior Medical Director, Experience of Caring for Intermountain Healthcare with responsibility for Patient Experience and Physician and APP Well-Being  with the deep belief that we cannot provide safe, high quality care to patients if we are not well cared for ourselves.

Dr. Pendo practices Internal Medicine in Salt Lake City and recently completed a 3 year term on the Intermountain Healthcare Board of Trustees. Dr. Pendo earned her medical degree at the University of Southern California and completed her residency in internal medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center where she served as chief resident. ​

Luke Werner, P.E. Turning Point Co.

“Improving Profitability through Managing Utility Costs and Sales Tax” – General Business, Track D

Overview: This discussion will provide strategies which allows your company increase profitability through reducing utility costs and sales tax. Utility costs are often overlooked as a strategy to improve profitability as they are often non-negotiable, viewed as necessary to maintain production, and if the monthly cost is below budget, then deemed acceptable. Strategies include choosing the right rate schedule or tariff, only paying the sales tax required by law, making changes to slow down the utility meter, and increasing the value of the business through investment of the best energy efficient income generating assets. All this can be done while maintaining production rates, with a side benefit of increasing employee engagement. We will share some real world examples based on our experiences with manufacturing companies.

Speaker Bio: Luke Werner, P.E. is a Principal Engineer at Turning Point Co. He has built multi-disciplinary teams which perform exceptional work increasing the profitability of energy consumers in the western United States. He has delivered of over $15M of energy cost savings and is proud to play a role in maintaining the strength of manufacturing companies in the USA.

Chad Ambrose, Darrin Guevara, Roland Howard Hunt Electric

Overview: During this fireside chat moderated by Scott Rice, Director Operational Services with Nu Skin, the Hunt Electric team, each experts in their respective fields, will discuss key questions manufacturing operational managers have when it comes to two key components to any organization and their operation: energy and connectivity. They will cover items such as when and why it is key to maintain your electrical equipment and systems, how your operation can become more energy efficient, and how to keep reliable communication flowing, especially with today’s climate. Join along to learn how you can keep your operations sustainable and reliable throughout a pandemic and beyond.