• Regional Director to address your Company needs
  • Business to Business Connections
  • Advertise your job openings
  • Connection with Qualified Applicants for Manufacturing Jobs
  • Resource for doing business with Utah Companies
  • Networking at UMA Events
  • Full-time Lobbyist Representing Manufacturers
  • 45-day legislative session & interim meetings.
  • Regulatory agency representation.
  • Semi-annual trip to Washington, D.C. with Utah Delegation.
  • Committees – Legislative, Safety, HR, Transportation, Environmental, Air Quality and Water Quality
  • The Center for Business Continuous Improvement – Through this Center, manufacturers in the state of Utah will be able to enhance their competitiveness, productivity, and performance.
  • Safety Forums
  • Safety Training for Manufacturing
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Manufacturers Marketplace – The right suppliers, new customers and a better bottom line.
  • WCF Mutual Insurance saves every member employer an additional 5 percent off the lowest possible rates.
  • Industrial Supply is offering all Utah Manufacturers Association members its best standard pricing schedule. Regardless of the number of employees, each UMA member can take advantage of significant pricing benefits on materials needed to maintain, operate and repair their facilities. Industrial Supply will also provide UMA members with access to scheduled personal protection equipment and safety training sessions. This training will be offered on a quarterly basis.
  • UMA Health Plan Utah Manufacturing Companies with 2 to 100 employees can participate in the plan, which includes large group plan designs and premium benefits.
  • Healthiestyou gives you 24×7 unlimited doctor access, prescription savings and procedure pricing.
  • dentistDIRECT – Dental and Vision with up to 20 percent savings on plan cost.
  • UMA 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan provides an outstanding retirement plan helping you save money and spend less time administering it. For more information, please visit
  • NFP HR Solutions – Team of professionals offering anti-harassment training, HR Audit, HR advisory services, HR employee hotline, compensation studies, recruiting, and employee relations assistance.


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