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Matrix for Essential Business Designations

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Some Utah manufacturing companies have asked whether or not to give their employees a letter that indicates that they are an employee of an Essential Business. Currently, no one mandates companies to do this and the State of Utah State of Utah does not use an essential business list. However, the state is now suggest that it it a good idea to consider doing that.

Most local governments are referencing the Department of Homeland Security CISA guidelines that you can find here. One of the 16 areas is the Critical Manufacturing Sector. Find more details here. If you don’t fall into one of those categories, please look over the entire list of 16 sectors.






Read the directive here



Utah Manufacturing-Related Guidelines from 16-page Utah Leads Together: A Plan for a Health and Economic Recovery

The Utah Leads Together plan recognizes that markets correct, recessions end, and prosperity returns. We anticipate three phases with a specific strategy:

Urgent Phase

This is the phase we are in right now and is expected to last 8–12 weeks (with a focus on eight) beginning March 16, 2020. The objective is clear: Mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through strict social distancing measures. The strategy is to identify, mitigate, and reduce the virus’ impact before Utah reaches a hospital-bed crisis. A detailed work plan is in place. This phase involves a coordinated public health response, large-scale testing, and a historic economic stimulus. We adapt and we innovate. Adherence to this phase will shorten other phases and accelerate economic recovery.

Stabilization Phase

This phase is expected to last 10–14 weeks (with a focus on 10) and is expected to be the longest phase. The objectives are to make sure there is no backtracking on the progress made during the urgent phase, provide promising medical treatments, and continue to lay the groundwork for a complete economic recovery. In this phase we innovate. A detailed work plan is under development. It is during this phase that private and public sector policies will aid with the economic recovery. Adherence to this phase will hasten economic recovery.

Recovery Phase

This phase is expected to last 8–10 weeks (with a focus on eight). The objectives are to provide promising medical treat-ments and continue the hard work of restoring economic confidence. In this phase we overcome. A detailed work plan is under development. Adherence to this phase will ensure Utah’s economic recovery comes more quickly and in a more sustained way.

These phases, including the major objectives and detailed work plans, create a path for Utah’s economic recovery.

Manufacturing-Specific Guidelines

  1. Increase work space and distance between employees.
  2. Minimize auditors, customers, vendors entering your facility and encourage the use of technology.
  3. Conduct meetings remotely or hold internal group meetings in larger conference rooms where people can maintain distance.
  4. Alter cafeteria practices so people have more space or stagger lunch times.
  5. Install disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer locations throughout the facilities.
  6. Disinfect conference rooms, office, desk locations down regularly throughout the day.

General Work Site Guidelines

  1. Conduct plan checks electronically or through a drop box outside the office.
  2. Determine a time for building inspections when only the inspector is present, ensuring that builders have vacated the site.
  3. Establish screening procedure, including temperature screenings, at facility entrances.
  4. Restrict access to critical work areas and introduce rotating shifts for workers.
  5. Establish onsite accommodations and protocol to manage individuals reporting flu-like symptoms while at work.
  6. Increase the frequency of janitorial services for shared space cleaning, including, but not limited to, workstations, countertops, handles, doorknobs, gang boxes, shared tools, and equipment.
    Service portable bathrooms frequently and provide hand sanitizer in/or around all portable bathrooms.
  7. Do not permit communal food on the jobsite or use a common water cooler.
  8. Do not permit the sharing of tools or personal protection equipment (PPE).
  9. Sanitize reusable PPE per manufacturer’s recommendation prior to each use and ensure it is properly disposed of.
  10. Instruct workers to wash hands after removing gloves.
  11. Instruct workers to change work clothes prior to arriving home and to wash clothes in hot water with laundry sanitizer.

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